MOD Trident may crush Benchmade & Emerson

Mar 25, 2001
I spent alot of time looking, feeling and handling knives, not to mention posting a topic for opinions on Benchmade & Emerson, but, I think The Masters of Defense Trident Navy Seals Model is going to kick some serious butt. What do you think?
You really need to check out a Microtech. If you like the Trident, check out the Microtech SOCOM Elite. You'll like it better.
I don't think Benchmade or Emerson Knives will loose any sales over MOD knives. For one thing, Benchmade and Emerson offer a wider selection of knives, handle materials and designs. MOD knives are good, but so far, all I see are aluminum handled folders all constructed in similar fashion to the original Microtech SOCOM with the exception of the Dieter CQD.
I have a tempest and a hornet both are good knives well made i have been trying to get a Cqd but i would never give up my Mt's Benchmades Emerson's etc Mods models are very similar in design there small and share the same handles they need some spicing up i think that were the Cqd's come in there a good start lets see what comes out next year i have the new catalog and there is some nice stuff i will continue to buy them

Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see armageddon soon. i certainly hope we will. i sure could use a vacation from this bull Sh!t three ring circus sideshow of freaks

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