MOD Trident review request

Nov 1, 1998
Has anybody handled these yet?
How do they feel in the hand and how secure is the lockup?


Hi Markus,

I just received a plain edge Trident that I've had on order for a while. They feel very good in the hand, almost reminding me of how the SOCOM feels. Grip is secure thanks to the numerous traction notches, no hand slipping will occur with this handle design. The lockup on mine is very secure, and it sticks just a little. However, a friend of mine examined a Trident at a show and he said that it would unlock with very little effort. So I guess it is safe to examine the knife before you buy if that is possible. Overall, the Trident is a very well crafted knife. Quite beefy for its size with a stout feel to it. It is definitely a knife that is well suited for daily carry, around the home or office.

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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