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MOD Trident ... Slight flaw on blade?

Oct 11, 1998

Recently I bought a MOD Trident non-serrated from a trusty Internet dealer. What I noticed on this knife was an imperfection on the left side on the tip of the blade. It seems that the knife blank had a small dent prior to bead blasting. The center grind line is slightly off, also the edge is thinner at that spot.
When I first noticed this, I send the knife back with an explanation and the request for exchange. The weeks passed and today I received a parcel with the exchange MOD Trident (no charge for postage. Excellent service). The funny thing is, that knife looks exactly like the one I send back!!! Question now, did I get the same knife back, or do all Tridents have that little dent? I’d like to ask all the owners out there to take a close look at their Tridents and let me know if their knives are perfect. It's somehow embarrasing to send the knife back again.

Thanks in advance,
You are right !!!
My Trident also has an imperfection on the side of the blade with the logo. It's in the first 1/3" from the tip. In really good light, it looks like a bulge to me. That also explains the wave I got in that area when I sharpened it. The edge is very sharp, but that wave was a first for me. I couldn't understand it until you brought the subject up. The bulge (or indent) explains it.

Hey, you're both right!
When I read this threat I pulled out my
Trident at once and checked. At first I saw
nothing. Then I checked the grinf line and from 7 to 14 mm from the tip the edge is a little wider. After that I closed my eyes and checked the blade with my fingertips. And there is a little dent. Nothing you can see except at the edge but you can feel it.
I think a few bits in the program for the CNC-grinder are dancing tango.
But I love my Trident !

Take care & happy cutting,
Hey, I checked my serrated MOD Trident and the same thing is there but barely noticeable. You really have to look for it to see it. You can tell because the grind line curves up very slightly. Should be no problem though.
Sure enough !
The knife is a little beauty. This dent isn't really a fault and if Ralf hadn't posted it I would have never seen it (probably).
Have a nice day,
Count me in too! Just closely examined the tip on my plain Trident and sure enough it's there. It's so insignificant that you almost can't tell from looking.

Dexter Ewing
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Well now I need to check a few of mine. I will let you know tomorrow.

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Mike Turber
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I just got my Trident and it also has a defect on the logo side at the tip. It looks like the metal was dished out, thus causing the edge bevel to get thinner at that spot. The rest of the knife is machining excellence--as good as my Microtechs. I got it for $83 and plan on showing it no mercy, so the imperfection will not be that noticable with time! I finally have a "Microtech" that I can use (and cost less than some of my Benchmades).

Did anyone ever contact MOD and Jim Ray about this defect?