MOD...under-rated and overlooked?


Aug 21, 2000
Seems MOD knives are finally starting to get some attention on the forums. Just got a Trident the other day, and this is one refined knife. Great 2 position sheath (solid black with no outside markings), solid lock-up, great materials, etc. There is a lot of attention to detail put into these knives. So, does MOD get the attention it deserves?

Picked up a CQD folder recently and it is very sweet. AN absolute beast of a knife. Rock solid, comfortable in the hand, razor sharp, cool safety. All in all, a great piece.

I'm relatively new to the forums so I can't say what's been discussed here before, but I think you are right. There doesn't seem to be too muych said about MOD and from what I can see these are very nice quality knives. But I guess it's all in what you like. Most people seem to either be custom freaks or hot on just one brand like CRK (understandably) or Microtech.

Tell me more about the Trident.

Peter Atwood
I think MOD gets overlooked because the knives look very similar to microtech. I own a CQD and a Razorback and feel that both knives are very well made. I do think that Microtech makes the best production tactial folders around but MOD is not very far behind. Someone posted a question looking for bad experiences with MOD a while back and got nothing but positive responses but for some reason nobody really talks much about their knives. Maybe a MOD forum would change that.
I have a trident and a hornet. They are both top notch in quality. The hornet is a little small for my taste, but that is just my personal preferance. The trident is awesome. Feels very ergonomic.


Dennis Bible
i think they get overlooked because two major factors MOD missed[in my opinion].
first they are pricy! unless they changed their pricing policy when i discussed with them about selling them,they were too much over the price of the top notch production folders of spyderco\benchmade.
and second to most people they were too small as a combat folders which they were desighened in the first place, put the two toghether and add to the fact they were pretty similar to MICROTECH they somehow missed the mark.
undoubtbly they are very well made.
Yea, I agree with you about there prices. If it wasn't for Cumberland Knives "haggling sale" I probably would not have gotten one. Another thing is they are a little smaller than I expected, but not really by much. Actually I am very happy with the size. I do wish the clip was moved to allow for deaper pocket carry (the clip is very, very secure, it just sits a little too high in the pocket). Another very minor detail is the excess lettering on the blade. Mine has "Point Man" on top, then has:
"Chief 'Patches' Watson"
"Plank Owner, SEAL Team Two"
"Trident Utility Folder"
then it has the MOD symbol next to that. I think that goes a little overboard, but it is just a very minor detail. All in all, a very well made, high quality, tough knife.
I think Microtech makes the MOD knives, but I could be wrong.
Microtech does not produce the MOD knives. At their inception, this was a joint project between Jim Ray of MOD and Tony M. of MT. Since then MOD has become an enity of its own. Jim did have the exclusive sales rights for the MT Nemesis at one time. Jim is a stand up guy that I have dealt with several times when he was a purveyor. MOD does bear striking resemblence to Microtech which has worked bpth ways I would imagine.

Art Sigmon
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I'm a huge MOD fan as well having the Trident and the Razorback. The Razorback, I will agree, is a bit small but the Trident is perfect and I have very large hands. It fits solid in the hand with no handle protrusion which allows for an easier disarm technique against you. The blade markings are significant but I think they are appropriate in that they were designed by the person that the markings indicate. On the MOD website they have Bios of each person and it really is pretty cool to have a knife designed by someone like those that have collaborated with MOD. The prices are up there but I think they are more comparable to MT than BM and so, in that respect, are appropriately priced. All in all a great bang for the buck and I have heard nothing but great things about the customer service so looks like they will easily last a lifetime. Just my 2 cents on an awesome line of blades.

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I am disatisfied by the puny size of MOD folders that is why I bought a SOCOM elite instead. The MT SOCOM and LCC is a better buy any way you look at it. MOD should lower their prices and make bigger folders.