modified sharpening for Axis

Jan 9, 1999
Well as all of you may know and not really care I rec. my Axis oh, probably 5 wks ago now. In that time I have been working on my technique to sharpen said insturment on my diamond Lansky hones. I was all for the coarse stone at 25 deg. with moderate consistent pressure. Getting to where the blade would grab I would then go with a very high polish 5deg higher to a razors edge on that mac daddy. Well now I am not so sure if that is truly the best way to obtain the edge I want. What I have discovered is that that fine of an edge will quickly wear when cutting through cardboard. So what I have been doing is hitting it with the coarse stone and then just running the edge over crock sticks. Better edge performance seems to have been obtained. FWIW. This is from a converted Axis nut. thanks and have good night.
Why don't you try lowering the angle to around the 18 degrees, or 20 degrees. Yes it will be alot of work to do for the first time, but will be well worth it. I think you will find that your edge will cut better even after it gets a little dull.than the thicker edge you have on it now.
Try not using the crock sticks at all and instead just using the coarse stone very lightly the last few strokes to remove the burr.

By the way how quickly is the edge wearing off on cardboard. ATS-34 is a decent edge holder. How many feet of cardboard do you need to cut before you want to touch up the blade?