Modifying a Crunch tool for the woods.


Feb 12, 2018
since you've got a bit-driver, the screwdriver blades are superfluous. Because the stainless, serrated blade is such a pita to sharpen, i replaced it with a carbon steel regular blade. I've never had a serious problem with rust in the field. Clean and rinse your knife after use, and use it frequently, and you'll keep rubbing away any potential corrosion that's trying to form. The blade quickly developes a patina that protects most of it from rust.

I wanted another file blade, so that I could frequently sharpen the E tool and saw, without worrying about soon wearing out my file. Also, I wanted to convert the flathead screwdriver end of the file into a chisel-edge. I modified the medium sized flathead screwdriver blade into a gouge/hook knife, and converted the small flathead blade into an awl, with a slot for cordage. Around the house or car, I have a real tool kit. In the woods, tho, the E tool and Crunch are all I'll have (barring pure luck of finding something useful) A double ended bit, Phillips and flathead, can easily go into the "miscellaneous" bag, but I'm not at all likely to need it in the bush.

The Crunch is a bit heavy and bulky for normal EDC. For that purpose, I use a cheapo folder and I'd of course use the folder for most chores in the bush. I'm not throwing away a tool just because shtf. :) The Crunch and its sheath would normally be in the BOB. When it's actually in use, I lanyard the sheath to my belt, and put the assembly into a front pocket. When the tool is out of the sheath, the latter, flopping against my thigh reminds me to go back and get the tool. For use in deep snow, or around deep water, the lanyard can be swapped to holding the tool itself, with the sheath left in pocket or pack.
Is this what you are talking about?