Modifying a speedsafe to manual.

Dec 16, 2012
Would it be possible to modify a speedsafe to manual without voiding your warranty (obviously removing the bar and drilling a small divot for the detent. I have a small carbide bit that should work, I just want to know if it is a stupid idea or not. I would love to see my Leek and Cryo be manual flippers.

Or is this a service that somebody offers (obviously one of the craftsmen here)?

If this is stupid, feel free to call me such. I know they work just fine as assisted, I have just had a few torsion bars wear out and I have only 2 non assisted flipper (Lahar and Ripple) and I would love to see that number grow... but don't mention a Skyline. Bleh, that is one of the few non serrated Kershaws that I could not stand.
As I recall sticktodrum has a video about de-assisting the Cryo. It will probably void the warranty, though.
They are cheap enough I wouldn't hesitate if I really wanted to. I would assume you would lose the warranty specifically with whatever you modify. You could still get screws, clips, sharpened but if the lockup messes up down the road, break the blade, etc... you might have some trouble getting it covered. As long as you know that going in I wouldn't worry.
I am sure there are a handful of makers/ craftsmen that would provide that service here. I don't know any off the top of my head, perhaps someone else could chime in about who. I do know there have been a handful of people here that have done it themselves.
Put it this way if you go to drill the detent hole and you drill the hole too big and there is slop when its closed that is on you. But as long as your warranty claim is not due to any of the modifications you have done they usually are pretty lenient. .
I plan on starting with a really small detention, then slowly working my way up in size until it is right. You can always remove steel, but adding it is pretty hard.