Modifying knives.......

I just read this thread from Jan. to now. While I am not as fanatical a Dremel head as ya'll are I have a few suggestions. For you guys who want a vise bu have limited space...I once bought a small vise and mounted it on a piece of ply wood so it would sit in my lap while I worked. I glued pieces of rubber to the jaws for better gripping power and to protect the work piece. Worked for me. I made a cheap grinder from a weed eater motor, snake, small drill chuck that threaded on the motor and an old sewing machine pedal. The snake clamped into the drill chuck (which had it's own chuck) The motor plugged into the sewing machine pedal. It's not quite as fast as a foredom but it's a lot more powerful and you can use even bigger bits and sanding drums if you need them. A small Dremel belt sander is also very useful, especially for smoothing out scratches or grind marks on large blades
Interesting alternative and supplementary equipment, Bill, Ken!

YeK, sorry you had to repeat your 1/8" advice (from 09 March). I'll print this out now and keep the "cataloque" nearby in the future.

Markku -- An alternative for finishing off the halfway detent is to use a narrow Dremel carborundum (sp?) wheel and to work very, very slowly. I thought about taking it even one step further by splitting a felt wheel (to fit the opening) and dressing it with jeweler' rouge, but it really wasn't necessary.

Don't apologize Markku....I forgot it was there two..
...IF you can find ne of the "gray erasers" I think it would work well for smoothing out the halfway notch is just hard for me to create a prefectly flat surface with one, so I resorted to hand work.