Moki Knives: Information Needed

Oct 3, 1998
Does anyone know anything about the QUALITY of Moki knives. I'm interested in the ones with abalone, pearl and shell inlays. Spyderco has stopped importing them. Where can I get these!! Thanx, Jeffrey
All we have left are the Zytel handled ones. Have not seen those for several years now.

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The beretta busfield is available -nice black pearl interframe. not cheap though
I see some other quality Moki at shows and some so so Moki also.
Moki is probably the best of the Japanese specialty houses left.

The nicest Spyderco's-calypso, Moran, jess Horns are made by Moki.

So are the nicest AL Mar's, inclusing the clipper.

Beretta Busfield, Horn, Loveless are all Moki. So is the nice international guide series.

The inlaid Moki's with pearl and abalone are gorgeous, but I havent seen them in a while either.

I would contact Ironstone-they always seem to have nice Moki stuff.

What so-so Moki's have you seen Tom, the zytel ones? For 20 bucks they are HARD to beat!
I've actually seen some pretty decent Moki for users selling around $10. I wasunder the impression the gentleman was looking for the fancy stuff. Even the good stuff has to be looked at carefully. Just like any other jnife. I had to send a couple Moki knived back to the distributor to get one I was satisfied with.