Monarch Balisongs

Aug 1, 2000
Any word on when the Monarch balisongs are going to be delivered? i thought it was supposed to be sometime around the last week of August. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks!
I talked to them on Monday 7/23 and the new shipping date is the 1st or 2nd of August. They want these things to be perfect when they go out. I can't wait to get mine!

What Mer said......:D I, too, talked with Richard and he assured me that the knives will be PERFECT or they won't leave his hands. He's got a lady "chained" to a leather sticher making the horizontal leather sheaths. Maybe next week...............;)
Thanks for the update, guys. Hey, Dudley, welcome back! I've replied to your email twice, but they both came back failed. It's great to hear from you again, though. Take care, Win.
Does anyone know anything new regarding the Monarchs? Sorry if I seem impatient. Just curious really. Thanks, Win
I heard the same thing, that they were going to be delivered the 1st or 2nd of this month. If that's so, maybe I'll get mine by the end of the week. :D

I heard that there might be a 3" version and maybe even an all damascus version. :eek:
i also hope they don't get rid of the 4". i guess we'll have to show them that 4-inchers are in high demand, eh? ;)
damn, now if only i had some dollars...
It's almost overnight shipping where I live. Has anyone gotten their's yet? Are the sheaths included in the base price? :)
When I called them on Saturday, the gentleman there told me they'd probably ship out Thursday or Monday (nextweek). They were still in the process of getting everything together.

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The way I understood it was that this is a custom run of 100 4" Monarchs, and that's it for now. They will do other runs and the 3" is a possibility or maybe another run of 4 inchers. Depending on the price, I'll be the first in line for an all-damascus Monarch ;)
Spoke to Richard today, and @ 25 will ship the week of August 13, 2001, and the next group of 25 to follow soon afterwards. The remaining 50 will ship within a couple of weeks of the first 25-50.
All leather sheaths are complete. They are anxious to get them to the customer, and want to hear the feedback. Most all the first 100 are sold.

A 3" is being discussed. They are contemplating what to name the 3" model.

New blades styles for the 4" are being discussed.

Additionally, a 5" blade double edge may materialize in early 2002.

These guys are on the ball and making some fine knives. They are listening, and following through with the wants and needs of the customer.

Sounds like benchmade better get on the ball. They've got some heavy cometition.:D
In the Grand Scheme of things, a couple hundred knives is not going to hurt BM, but, if the people behind the Monarch begin to really put the nose to the grindstone, so to speak...uhhmm...BM better start re-thinking their position on alot of things, like Customs, Five Inch Blades and Steel Handled Versions of the 42, 43 and 47.

SWAT? If they put out a Steel or Titanium-handled out too.

Microtech? MT has the capability, if they so desire, of making several thousand, high quality Balisongs. That's going to hurt.

But what might loom on the horizon, does not bode well for BM.

And all of that is said with the caveat that BM can be competitive. It is up to them. But, even as rabid as we all are for their Balisongs, you can only have so many of three basic models.

Personally, I hope they all succeed and prosper, it makes it all that much more better for us. :D
yes yes yes! very nice indeed. :) i hope i cen get one before they're all gone... :eek: