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Money making opportunity for new smith

May 3, 2001
The opportunity is some fancy screws for knives like the Chris Reeves Sebenza. The Sebenza is designed to be taken apart for cleaning and lube.

It would be relatively easy to replace the plain hex screws with screws and studs that are anodized different colors, have a flower or star design, or other decorative pattern.

Those that will spend $350 (and I'm one of them)on a rather plain looking knife (sometimes described as a "gray turd")would certainly spend $ 20 to $ 30 for a set of fancy screws to make that plain knife look like a $ 350 knife.

I've already suggested this to Chris Reeves but there are probably lots of other makes that could use some fancy screws.

Add custom matching thumb studs (see my other post at this forum)at another $20 and you could have a thriving small parts business.

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