Moose in Rut

Esav Benyamin

Apr 6, 2000
It's not uncommon for bull moose to challenge inanimate objects to a battle during the rut when testosterone has taken over. Most Alaskans have seen pictures of bull moose with swing sets, tire swings, lawn chairs and Christmas lights tangled in their antlers at this time of year, said Davenport.

"We've had them running down the main streets of Delta with shirts and pants hanging from their antlers after they get caught up in clotheslines," he said.

Likewise, both Davenport and Harms have seen moose that died after getting tangled up in old telegraph wire that is strung through the woods.
This makes it sound like a miracle it never happened before. :) I guess it wouldn't be so amazing if it wasn't an animal the size of a truck.

I cut loose a bird once that was tangled up in fishing line on a small tree branch. It was hard to do it because the bird was going nuts by then. I can hardly imagine how that moose was thrashing around.