More book's of interest

Nov 12, 2005
After listing the complete book of pocketknife repair by Ben Kelley I figured since some of you may have found it useful i would list the names of some more book's in my collection that i found very useful at times.
How to make knives -Richard W. Barney and Robert W. Loveless
Custom Knifemaking -Tim McCreight
Wayne Goddard's $50 knife shop-Wayne Goddard
The complete guide to hunting knives -Durwood Hollis
Levine's guide to knives and their values -Bernard Levine
knives2005 edited by Kertzman Sporting knive's 2004 also edited by Kertzman and Schrades embrace the cover. Knives illustrated april and feb 2005 have articles on Schrade's meltdown. the book how to make knives let's us see the infamous R.W. Loveless craft one of his drop hunters using his stock removal techniques and the book the complete guide to hunting knives has Craig bottington praising the sharpfinger as the best designed hunting knife and Durwood in a seperate review states that the Schrade sharpfinger exemplifies what a hunting knife should be and can do it all! Many of these book's have very useful info on steel's and their compositions and hardening techniques. I have more that i may dig up later but the one's above are my most referenced.