more, more, and still more

Aug 7, 2004
Going down the list;
1. TOPS CAT Tanto 4 inch partial serrated blade **SOLD**
2. Cold Steel ODA 7 in blade (I removed the back guard and put a clip on the sheath to ride higher on my waist) **SOLD**
3. ARGENTINE Mission Knives (not to be confused with USA Mission knives) Gaucho knife 8 3/4 in blade $35.00 (New Price)
4. Cold Steel Bushman 7 in blade. (Let your kids beat it up) **SOLD**
5. (Row starting at left) 1st Eriksson Mora 3 3/4 blade **SOLD**
2nd Karesuando Puukko 3 1/4 blade **SOLD**
3rd Helle Odel 3 1/2 in laminated stainless
blade $40.00 (New Price)
6. (Row starting at left) 1st CRKT Ryan Plan B 3 in blade **SOLD**
2nd Timberline Mini Pit Bull 3 in $25.00

Remember, all knives are shipped priority mail and with delivery confirmation. This fee is already in the price. All are slightly used. Shipping fees may be deducted on multiple orders at the same time. Any questions, orders, or possible trades, email me at Don't be afraid to contact me....David Farmer Ship in USA ONLY