more on Double Edge Forge

Jan 9, 1999
I posted on Thurs. the www address of a knifemaker when I was stuck at work. Well have been communicating via email with the smithy and this guy has to offer one of the best deals in handmade knives/tomahawks I have come across. I am getting into muzzleloading and want to develop a style as that of the voyageurs/trappers. Well this guy makes period correct hawks and knives at some of the most reasonable prices I have ever seen. He differentially heat treats the blades as they did in the mid to late 1700's and early 1800's. Not only that his turn around time is about a week. Fine testimonials at his site and great pics. He differentially heat treats with hog lard. How cool is that. Draws it back by putting the spine on a pig of metal to draw back the spine to the correct softness. Hard edge and soft spine make for a great using knife. He supplies many "trekkers" with cutting euipment. They are the real deal in a modern society for living the life of the trapper/hunters. Right now he has a 14.5" camp knife with gorgeous walnut scales and a smaller belt knife with a cougar bone handle in stock. Thinking about the cougar bone handled one for myself. The smaller knife is still 12" long. He offers smaller neck knives that are period correct along with smaller utility belt knives that start at 45 bucks. The only thing he doesn't offer is sheaths for them. Have to make your own. Anyways check out the address from below and go back in time to the way they used to make them. I am starting to like this black powder thing...