More on Talonite, Walts thread cont..

Rob Simonich

Big Bear
Oct 3, 1998
Ok, for those that have been following Walts thread on High Alloys, here is some new info on Talonite at work. Last weekend, some MAJOR folks in the Cutlery industry whom will remain anonomous, took a Talonite knife on a pig hunt back east. They were fortunate enough to bag 5 hogs. They did almost all the field dressing, disjointing, de boning, skinning, and cutting the meat to manageble size with a 3 1/2" bladed Talonite knife. The knife would still pop a few hairs but was not quite shaving sharp. The best they got before out of a knife was to feild dress 2 hogs, and that was with a well known knife in A-2. They used the little knife fairly hard and weren't carefull about bouncing it off of bone etc, and when disjointing werent afraid of twisting the blade a bit when opening the joints up. They experianced NO edge rolling, and NO edge chipping. Do you think this may have something to do with the Age Hardening process used to treat Talonite? I think there may be something to that. Also, while we are on the manufacturing subject, Talonite is made with the VIM-VAR technique same as BG-42. As far as the toughness goes, I have some 1/16" stock that I have done some destructive testing on. I had some scrap strips 1/16th X 1/2 X 6" long. I clamped about 1/2" of the end in a bench vise, and with a protractor underneath started flexing, at about 18 to 20 deg it would flex back to true, between 20 and 25 deg it would take a slight bend that you could straighten right out, and at aprox 45 deg snapped in two. These test pieces were just barstock, no edge bevels ground in. Havent had the heart to break a blade yet but will be doing that soon. As far a sharpness, I can get a great edge on Talonite, I can still get 0-1 or A-2 sharper, but it is plenty sharp. You can hold the knife with 2 fingers and float hair right off your forearm. Well, got to get to the Gold mine. Take it from here you guys, Rob

Rob; why do they use Vacuum Induction Melting/Vacuum Arc Remelting in the fabrication of Talonite? I thought that this was a purification process. I thought that Talonite was made by basically freeze drying the alloy, followed by Cold Isostatic Pressure/Hot Isostatic Pressure, the way that CPM alloys are made.

Your informative reply is anxiously awaited. Gee, BTW, that knife that was used on the pig hunt sounds suspiciously like a Cetan???? See ya, you whacko cowboy, Walt
Any idea on what the edge angle was on that pig sticker?

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AHHHH, you're killing me with anticipation, Rob ! I guess that's a good thing tho
The more I hear about the properties of this stuff, the happier I am to be in the que for one. I wonder how many fish I can clean and fillet before it needs re-sharpening ? I don't know but I'm bound to find out.
ok...i read all about talonite a few months back when the guy from the company wrote a big long post on it....but dont remember too much...what is the main difference between talonite and stellite 6k? what was talonite developed for in the beginning? how much does it cost....whats the minimum size you can buy? what is the rockwell.....what sizes does it come in? mind...i found the link to the talonite place tucked away in my files so i checked it out.....sounds like that company must do a lot of r&d.....

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First off, Cobalt, no luck on the 1/4" thick stock, right now they wont roll it that thick due to the small amounts we would use, but I will keep after them like ugly on ape!

Walt, here is my informative reply, I dont have a clue! I just know that Tasters Choice and Folgers Coffee Chrystals are freeze dried, dont know about the Talonite! he he he. I will contact Tom and pick his brain some more. I do know the alloy is very clean stuff. I am dissapointed that they took off the Whacko and put you back as a junior member. The knife was a 3 1/2" bladed Cetan........

db, the edge angle was about 18 degrees.

Brian, hang in there!

Tom, there is more info in my web site, go to the Talonite section and there are a couple places to get more info there.

Thanks Rob sounds like that may take care of the edge rolling question on the other thread.
My server was down this morning, try again! Also check out the message board, there is a section on Talonite there, needs some updating but there is some more stuff in there, thanks.

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I tried his link out and it worked fine. It seems to load a little slow on my machine and uses frames so, your browser or ISP may be the culprit.