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Mar 5, 1999

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Exemplary khukuri made by Sgt. Karka. This is a resproduction of a khukuri used by Prime Minister Chandra Samsher. 20 inches and 39 ounces of very fine khukuri. I think the handle is rato Chandan -- beautiful whatever it is. Take this one home for $150 today. UBBB+

20 inch 29 ounce Jungee by Bura. Excellently done. 10/10 rig. $125 UBBB

16.5 inch 23 ounce WWII villager by Amtrak. Great work knife. $65 UBBB

16 inch 23 ounc Shiruwa AK by Amtrak, village style. Great knife. $65 UBBB

8.5 inch 6 ounce JKM by Kumar. Beautiful chandan handle. $39 UBBB

8 inch 6 ounce JKM by Kumar. USA stag handle. Top notch. $39 UBBB

9 inch 7 ounce Kothimoda style Bilton by Sgt. Karka. $29 UBBB
Doh, an antler JKM and me strapped for cash:( Someone grab that bilton. The good sgt does an excellent job! All of them are beautiful. If i had the money i'd get that JKM and the villager chiruwa AK.

Thank you KM. I was starting to do the math in my head to figure how much plasma sells for these days;) Excellent knife.

Email on Bilton...needed to replace the last one I gave away.
I'd LOVE to have that first model in a 16 or 17" model! That is beautiful!!! Perfect blade shape and handle!
I'd love to have that first model as is, but first, I would need the $150!

Sgt Karka is putting out some beautiful work. Love those handles, blade shapes, and non habaki bolsters!

Hope we see some more into the new year.

you'll never get past my two ronin i've got at the north and west entrances!
Nasty said:
I got email...Bilton to Ohio. :)

Lucky dog. :D Those Karka biltons look like they're something else. I will get one. (And probably wind up giving it away, so maybe I'd better get a few... :))
They are perfect for that...just can't hang onto one for myself.
Nasty said:
They are perfect for that...just can't hang onto one for myself.

They are nice. Especially the Kothimoda style sheaths. The metalwork is fantastic.

Mark T.