Mork calling Orson; come in, Orson

Apr 7, 2002
This is something that I wrote about in my blog a while back, but I was reminded of it today when it started happening again:


2003-12-15 21:11:00

I had an extremely bizarre experience last night...

My computer started talking to me about God. While it was turned off.

I leaned down to plug in my cellphone, and heard, very faintly, a woman's voice. I leaned closer to the speakers (which were turned on) to make out what she was saying.

"...but God is not the author of human suffering; God endows us with free will, and we determine for ourselves the shape of our world..."

Needless to say, I was a little confused.

I turned the computer on, not that I had any idea what to look for once it booted up, and I lost the voice in whirring computer sounds. When I shut the machine back down, the voice was gone.

I was vigilant for talking dogs that might encourage me to murder my neighbors.

Later that evening, shortly before I went to bed, I leaned down close to the speakers again. Now they were playing some kind of slothfully jaunty calliope music. I listened for a few more moments and the music stopped.

"You're listening to Radio Canada International."

Am I? Ah.

Evidently, my computer's speakers can pick up shortwave.

Who knew?
Nov 25, 2000
Calliope music? Run for your life, it's the Killer Clowns trying to take over your brain.:eek: :confused:

Esav Benyamin

Apr 6, 2000
Time to start wearing your tinfoil beanie again! :p

Actually, all the time we've been mocking the Canadians as a hopelessly unimportant nation, their military research has been developing this insidious subliminal brainwashing capability.

Strange sounds whisper over northern plains through the long winter night ...
Dec 29, 2001
Never mind these non-believers and their rude comments. :mad:

They're just jealous because the voices only talk to us. I think my computer must have been hecho en Mexico though. The "El Dell" picks a lot of mariachi and salsa tunes in between the "Ruega por nosotros pecadores, ahora y a la hora del muerto" messages. ;)
Apr 23, 2002
My wife's rig makes odd clicking noises all the time, if you leave the powered speakers on.