Mosaic damascus knives

AMEN brother. I could sit and stare into that stuff for hours. The best I am familiar with are Hank Knickmeyer, Steve Schwarzer, and Darrel Ralph. Just got a DR knife with a blade of "Unfolded Damascus" Its a mosaic with a really cool pattern. He tried to explain the process on the phone but It was tough to follow. Color heat treated with a big streak of nickel right down the middle of the blade. AWESOME. Wish I had a digital camera.....jeff
Yes--Hank is a friend of mine.Hank and Todd Kinniken and Al Dippold amd myself were at the Arkansas knife show last weekend. Havent had the pleasure of meeting D.R. yet. Talked email a few times though. I want to send you some pictures of my mosaic damascus knives , but I cant get the email button to work on the post page. If you want to see some pics , email me at and I will be glad to send some.
One of the most beautiful mosaic damascus knives I've ever seen was at this year's Wolverine Custom Knife Show here in Michigan. Made by a gentleman by the name of Tim Zowada. The picture at doesn't do it justice. Tim was warm, sincere, patient with questions, willing to share tips and "secrets", humble, and his work was simply exceptional. This was the knife that turned me on to the beauty of damascus, and now I'm trying to figure out a way to start a "slush fund" to buy more knives.