Mosaic pin kits?

Dec 29, 1998
I've been making my own mosaic pins for some time now. The main problem is finding a source of materials. The only place I could find that carries that stuff is the local Pearl Art Supplies store. Their supply is limited and totally messed up. I spend an hour or more hunting for parts that will fit together.

I'd be happy to order parts by mail, but I don't know what will fit together. I'd like to buy kits that have all the parts, but need to be epoxied together. Does anyone sell mosaic pin kits????
I think Knife and Gun does.

Check local hobby shops. i have a shop here in town that sells models, toy railroad stuff and rockets. They have a little rack of little tubes that I play with!

"Come What May..."
I bet you will have a hard time finding kits for mosaic pins. Like Crayola, I found a pretty good selection of tubes at a local hobby shop. Maybe some other makers can share their "recipes" for pins. If you can find the specific recipes, you can order the tubes you need. This site has some good info too :'Mosaic'%20Pins

I have only made one set of mosaic pins. Just a simple pattern that I trial fitted in the hobby shop. I used Crayola's instructions posted here a few weeks ago as a guide. (Thanks, Crayola!)

WOHOO!!! Finally, after using a zillion shop tips from others, I have been able to pass along a shop tip to someone else!!
You're welcome pretender!

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