Most subtle way to present your hobby...

I am only a high school student (early start in my hobby) and I have gotten addicted to knives like many people here. Yesterday, I went to a friends dinner party, and he seemed interested in my knife (I was carrying only a Gerber EZ-out at the time), so I just passed it to him. When his parents saw it, his mother's view of me quickly turned hostile and she suddenly started inquiring why I carried a knife. I hardly consider a Gerber EZ-out a weapon and I use it cut boxes, duct tape, and whatever needs to be cut. My responce was the usual speech about how knives are not weapons and they are tools, and how I use it to cut boxes and tape, and how it is perfectly normal to carry a knife because it was one of man's first tools, and even during the middle ages, everyone carried a knife. They seemed to back down, but next time I want to be more subtle about presenting my knife. What would be the most unthreatening way to present a knife?
Oct 2, 1998
I carry two knives when I know I’ll be in social situations with non- knife people, one is my usual tactical carry, the other my sheeple knife.

Don’t flaunt your knife, only take out the sheeple version if someone needs a knife to do some cutting, and one of their cutting implements is unavailable. When you come to their rescue you will seem prepared and helpful which seems non-threatening and will alarm no one, not even someone’s Grandmother.

You’ll be surprised how accepting non-knife people become if they perceive your knife as helpful to them. You might even plant the seed that being prepared with a knife is something they could or should too.

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Hey there, your just like me! Like you, i'm a high school student with an early start in knife collecting. I'm a pretty diverse guy, i'm extremely good in acedemics, a webmaster, a musical endeavor, and yet i'm near the top of the popularity ladder at school. People often misunderstand me and my knives, and lots of people are quick to make their own judgement based on my appearances, but i've discovered that like LD says, if the tool you are carrying helps someone, they see it in a better light. Most of my friend's parents have no problem with my knives, they see the bigger picture. But, sheeple look at me and don't see a web designer or an intelligent kid, rather, they see a kid dressed in big pants and bright colored shirts, which people often translate to a "gangsta". Then, the knife is just another thing they automatically assume i have on my person. Bottom line is, the general public has a very biased opinion on teenagers, and "tools" as well. <sigh>, can't a kid have expensive clothes and man's first tool without being pre-emptively judged?

I, too, am a young person of 18 and I also love and carry several knives at one time. My sheeple knife is the Sebenza which still scares some fainthearted people (especially females from my experience). Most people love it and are surprised by it's sturdiness, intricacies (never know how to operate the integral lock), and simplistic beauty. I also carry around a LM Micra and PST2 for those situations around other young people and their parents. My ATAK is usually strapped to my belt and is reserved for *special* occasions; I try not to present it in public.

No, I don't dress like a "gangsta", so I dont' get funny looks. I dress well but I do not dress in a way that I stick out in a crowd. It's also nice when people know that you excel in other, more academic areas, because that usually gets people's acceptance more easily. For me, the fact I'm in medical school usually does the trick. Make sure people know you first and accept you as a "good" person before you break the news to them that you are crazy about knives.

Attitude is probably the most important thing; when someone (anyone) questions you about your hobby and knives in general, just be very calm and pleasant when you explain your hobby. A good attitude goes a long way.

All this is coming from a guy who is about to explain this hobby to his girlfriend. Wish me luck. We'll see how it goes. HA HA HA.

Waiting patiently for my WILD THING,

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Hmm, i suppose the general public's idea of teenagers is horribly biased, which probably contributes to the difficulty some people have with understanding our hobbies. I think most of the people i've met would acknowledge the fact that i like knives, and life would go on, theoretically. I suppose people judge me based on appearances, in which i don't even see what's wrong with me. But once someone talks to me, they realize i couldn't be the type to use my knife for malicious deeds. Now maybe if the same people that judge me saw me rehearsing at my orchestra, or debating in my Versace clothes they'd think twice. I don't know. Seems to me though, sheeple always jump at the sight of even my most sheeple friendly knives, anodized Klotzlis, BM Gents, etc. I don't get it, but maybe it's just one of those things that isn't meant to be understood. Hehe, and like you TickBlade, it seems to me like no one can figure out the integral lock.

Well, I'm not student of highschool or college...been there, done that. But in my 29yrs of wisdom, I have learned no matter how respected you are...nonknife enthusiasts get a little nervous. I always carry two knives, a KISS folder used an a money clip(get rid of your "velcro" wallet), and a mini-socom(the Ferrari of knives). Break out the KISS that way it looks like you need to carry it hold all that money! Of course, now that they know you carry a knife, try buying a decent quality knife for the father...he'll smooze it over with the Mrs. It's the thought that counts...did I say I was wise...or what!