Most Used EDC Gadget?

Apr 24, 2002
After your EDC knife, what EDC gadget do you get the most use out of?

For me, it's a toss up between my watch and light.

i use my watch the most, as i am a nurse. but i usen my flashlight(arc aaa) daily, as well.

Definitely my Longbow Micra. I use it everyday, even more than my knife. :eek:
My watch...I haven't yet mastered being able to tell time by the position of the Sun.:D.
My XO5 and Leatherman Wave get used 5 days a week, several times a day

I'd have to say my Maxpedition M1 Waistpack. Carries most of my EDC crap including wallet and Sebenza. Use it many times every day.
Glasses! :D (AR coating and photosensitive, of course!)

After that, a pen.
Always the ARC AAA, Yao Seiko Field Watch, the dinosaur Palm Vx and the Victorinox Credit Card Tool.
Aside from my watch or phone, which are substantial frontrunners, my light, knife and Squirts (both P4 and S4) are almost equally used.
It would have to be my TNC AA or my Fortis Fleiger.....probably the watch gets it for most used.
mobile phone either to make calls or to set the alarm

second is probably my watch