Mother of Pearls :)

Apr 15, 2002
Here are some pearl handled slipjoints of mine. I like mother of pearl so when I can, I try and get one from time to time. I don't carry these.

these pictures are somewhere else on the site. I don't have a camera to take anymore, so apologies for the poor quality.







from left to right-

knivbolaget eskiltuna sweden- equal end pen- I got this one because I liked the scales. the pen blade is chipped badly near the point and 1/4 of the backspring is broken off and missing.

Friedmann & Lauterjung equal end pen- all of the blades are pretty well worn and the pearl scales are cracked.

H Boker & Co's Improved Cutlery 2 blade sleeveboard penknife.

Bear MGC single blade razor.

anyone else have any pearlies to show?

How does the pearl hold up for pocket carry? Will keys or a money clip scratch the pearl badly?

I have a Queen Senator mother of pearl on order and I need to know if I should carry it in a pocket pouch.
I don't really carry these, they are the only knife I collect. everything else I have I use in one way or another. The pearl on a couple of those have cracks around the rivets, so i would be somewhat concerned about chipping if it bangs into something else in the pocket. try getting a pocket sheath for it if you can. it would leave me feeling a little better about it.

I have a few with solid silver blades, they where used as fruit knives. My earliest is about 1820, but most are Victorian. when I have time I will post a photo if your interested. Bed time now. :yawn: