Mother's Day

Oct 28, 2000
Mother's Day will be celebrated this weekend. A big thank you to mothers everywhere for what they have done, do today, and will do in the future.

Thanks, Mum!


What has this to do with khukuris? Everything!
You bet it does, Harry, and your mom will be pleased that you made the post no matter where she might be just as mine is although she left her body some ten years ago.

I'll visit my mom's grave and send up remembrance and prayers this Memorial Day as I do each time I visit back in home territory. You have only one mom and that makes her very, very special.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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I Love my mom very much. She bought me my 1st khukuri back in 1993. I think I was 14 and just getting into knives! Yes, thank you to all the mom's who gave their best to help make the world a better place!!!!!

Chris B.
Last night at about 12:30 AM an old friend of mine stopped by with a few friends to ask if he could camp in my backyard. He's been on the outs with his mom for three or four months, has back problems, and is living friend to friend until he can find a place to rent for himself. He has not had an easy life. His story made me appreciate the good relationship between my mom and I even more.


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