Mother's Mag and Aluminum polish

Sep 27, 2004
Last night I went on a world tour looking for simichrome, and failed. I ended up coming home with a big tub of mothers polish, just for kicks. I had never tried it beofre, and this tub weighs about 1/2 pound, and only cost me like 7$....well...this stuff polishes at least as good as my old buddy simichrome and this tub should last me pretty much forever. I took it to a 10" blade with hamon, and its completely amazing. Sure, the blade was at maybe 1500-2000 before etch, but after the Mothers, its pretty much exactly how I wanted it.

I know its been mentioned before, but I highly recommend a stop by an auto store and picking up a tub of this stuff. For the money, i just cant see how it can be beat.
Jun 21, 1999
I had the same experience. I got some mothers cause I couldn't find any simachrome and that tub has lasted me about 4 years now.... Good stuff.