Motorcycles and Knives (revisited)

Its going to be 70 degrees here in OKC today so I'm taking the afternoon off to ride my bike.
I'm taking the usual:
Umfaan low in r/f jeans pocket,
Spyderco Dragonfly in watch pocket-same side,
Large Sebenza in belt sheath,
Cheyenne clipped inside left lapel pocket of jacket,
K-Bar and Cold Steel large Vaquero and AFO on board.
That should do unless the Genesis arrives today. If it does, its also coming along.
Will I USE these knives ? Probably not all of them. But, all of them will get looked at/played with/shown off and otherwise enjoyed all day.
Hope everyone also has a good one today too.
Later, Bill

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Jim March

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 7, 1998
Two words for ya:

"The Outsider".

Right after I finish chasing the roomie's rug rat all over the house

Jim March
Bill, it didn't get over 40 here, the road down from my property is nothing but mud, and all I own is an Eclipse and a stiff kiss. I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

My wife of twenty years announced she wanted a divorce just two weeks prior to our anniversary. Since that time (June) I've been financing two households and watching the dreams I had for my wife and daughters fade away. Possessions, both emotional and monetary, have no security. The motorcycle, the knives, the other toys and gratuities, are now a day-to-day thing. They all may be gone tomorrow.
You see,we all have our days where its cold and the road is muddy. I've had my share of mine.
But today was a beautiful day, and I lived every minute of it smiling.
Don't hate me. Sometimes what appears to be fortunate in reality is not.
Sorry, man. I meant that in a purely joking manner. I certainly didn't mean it seriously! There are people I know that were seriously pissed at me because I was able to take a month off to ride cross-country(and back
) last year. What they didn't understand was that I was in debt for it for the next six months. I apologize(sp?) for my comments. I do understand that you have to take the good whenever you can. Take care and ride whenever you get the chance. And to Hell with anyone that says otherwise!
Bill;I wish you the best.

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No need to apologize. The fact that you related my response to your one-month tour, how your buddies were jealous, and how you paid for it for months, shows you understand.
I couldn't afford my usual two-week motorcycle tour last summer, but I did buy a few knives. The justification was liquidacy.

Ed, thanks. I'm OK. Actually, even with all the crap of late, I'm aware of all the things I have that cannot be taken away.
I would still be here talking with my buddies and dreaming about knives even if I had none. The companionship supercedes the subject matter.