mounting your SOG Seal Pup horizontally

Aug 20, 2008
Does anyone have photos or directions on how to securely mount a SOG Seal Pup with the Kydex sheath in a horizontal configuration?

I hunt with mine and with all the crawling/crouching/kneeling this is a configuration i'm looking for but cant quite figure it out.

Any tips and or instructions would be most appreciated.

Feb 28, 2002
The same folks also make a clip that I use for IWB carry of certain knives, such as the SOG Pentagon. My first Pentagon was one of the older ones:


When I first obtained a SOG Pentagon, I loved the knife -- and I detested the factory sheath, which was an attempt to be too many things at once and did none of them well. This was not a problem, as I had Bob Humelbaugh at Survival Sheath make a new sheath for me:


I forgot about the whole matter (there are always other products to review) until, recently, a friend of mine ordered a newer Pentagon through my online store. When it came in and I checked it before dropping it off with him, I was surprised to discover the sheath was very different.

Gone was the giant boot-belt sheath from before. In its place was a minimalist Kydex/Concealex-type model that was as slim as possible. It still had a belt attachment that I didn't like, but it was simply screwed on with Blade-Tech hardware. I promptly removed it.



I went to and ordered several Tek-Loks and clips with extra hardware, as you never know when these will optimize an otherwise unworkable Kydex or Concealex Sheath. (Such was the case with my CRKT Hissatsu -- I didn't like the belt flange attachment it shipped with, but when I replaced this with a tek-lok, the whole thing begcame a good carry package.)

I chose, for my Pentagon, one of the clips. This is a plastic flange with Tek-Lok hardware mounting holes that can be affixed to anything a Tek-Lok would fit. It transformed my SOG's sheath into a handy inside-the-waistband model.




I was extremely pleased with the new setup and again started carrying my Pentagon.


Aug 20, 2008
I do like your configuration there.
Looks like it would be virtually invisible with a pullover or thin jacket down over your waistline.

I don't care much for the standard belt mount either.
The Seal Pup came with the same thing, I find it way to bulky.

There's some great info there, thanks so much again.

By the way, whats your online store called?
Dec 9, 2007

I'm curious if you've had a chance to do this with a Seal Pup yet?

I tried something similar just unscrewing the belt clip that came with the SOG sheath for my SP Elite and re-attaching it to the two holes on either side of the SOG cutout on the sheath. It looked great, but I found that I could easily knock it loose just by walking around with it. I'm thinking though that at an angle such as Phil shows above, it wouldn't be as bad, but I was hoping for true horizontal.

I notice that all of my other SOG fixed blades have kydex sheaths with much more "Grip". The Seal 2000 sheath is good, but the sheaths on the Gov-Tac and Tech Bowie are even better. Instead of wrapping around them circumferentially, they have two opposing "Leaves"that pinch together. I suppose though that these knives have more of a hilt for the leaves to grip. But regardless, I can shake the hell out of them and not have the knife come free.

Please post some photos of the finished product with any observations!
May 17, 2006
If you have one of the newer SOG sheats there may be a SOG Logo instead of a mounting point. If you can't find a fitting hole for the screw, you simply can use a zip tie. I mounted TekLok's with zip ties on Kydex sheats before and they didn't come loose.

Nice setup Phil.