Jan 11, 2001
Much has been said about this little knife, so I will keep it brief.
Handle: The Aluminum slabs are built to last. They are thick and I know from experience that they will be around for a long time.
Blade: Holy mackeral!!! This is the sharpest knife I own. I tested the edge on my arm and not only did it shave, it cut! The blade shape is very utilitarian and is thick to the tip.
Lock-up: It is tight as the big Wegner. The only problem is that it is also tight on the opening and closing.
-Overall, the Mouse is heck of a neat little knife. It is larger than I would have though considering people were comparing it to the Toad. I can even get all four fingers around it. If you get the chance to pick up a mouse (I got mine at, go for it.
you can smooth out the action of your mouse without changing lockup tightness by applying a few drops of tuf glide and working it into the pivot well...wait a day before applying more tuf glide...repeat the process daily for a few days and the action will smooth out considerably....feverdoc
The "Mouse" is a very nice little knife.

Did you see the Mike Sastre "mousetrap" neck sheaths at BladeArt?? Very nice carry option for this knife.

Here is a pic of this sheath (*note-possibly not the exact "mouse" sheath pictured):
I have to admit to being a bit bothered or puzzled by the Mouse. I think I would probably not have this, if I didn't like my Wegner so much. It has become my most frequent carry by a wide margin, and keeps going upwards in that area.

Add my basic Scottish nature, and I have a problem with the full-size price on such a dimunitive knife. I have 2 other good full size knives with aluminum handles that I really appreciate, that both cost less than the Mouse.

I handled a Mouse at the Tacoma knife show in early June. I liked it. A lot. Were it $50 - $60 I'm sure I would own one already. I just can't see how they can justify the price, given the size. (I must admit to having forgotten the blade steel used.)

What is it that makes it worth so much? Compared to the Wegner?
I would love to see a Mouse in G-10 scales. I have an aversion to small heavy knives. Sure like the looks of the Mouse though...
The Mouse is a great little piece! Tim, (Wegner), himself can tell you how much game he's skinned with it. Small, yet handy and built like a tank and works like a much bigger knife.

Bugs, quality small knives cost MORE to produce and they are usually produced in much smaller quantities.
In addition to what Gene has said, my Toad and now Mouse have extremely tight lock-ups and feel like much larger knives. And acually, I don't think that the Mouse is that small. It also has just awesome steel and comes super sharp.
Thanks all,