MPF: Experiences and opinions?

I have recently purchased a Sebenza with which I am enthralled and I am in the process of liquidating about a dozen "tactical" folders that are linerlocks. Most of these are considered to be the best on the market, but after buying the Sebenza, they all became immediately obsolete and I see no reason to keep them-and I really liked them all, too.

Anyway, I will soon be buying another integral handle folder and it will either be another Sebenza or a Mission MPF. I am on the waiting list for the new batch of A2 MPFs but I may also decide to go with the beta titanium blade. I seem to remember seeing something a couple of months ago about a tang/handle lockup problem on the titanium bladed MPFs. I would appreciate any information from owners or any one who is familiar with the knife.
Thanks, Cappy
There is not "problem" with the lockup on the titanium blade. The titanium blade sits merely looser in the handle as compared to a steel blade. With fully engaged lock it is still possible to wiggle the blade very slightly up and down, it doesn't mean the lock is unsecure. This minuscule play was necessary to prevent the lock from becomming too sticky and difficult to disengage. It is much stronger than any linerlock out there. The A2 blade won't have that play.
Nice to hear from you again. It's been a long time - we still have your reserved MPK steel set sitting here.

Anyway, you are correct. Due to the titanium against titanium "sticking", we had to build a very slight bit of play in the lockup. This is so you will be able to get the blade unlocked again. The steel A2 blade will not have this problem since there will be no galling. Due to some of the problems encountered with failing liner locks, we perform the "spine tap" test on each knife before it ships. Each MPF now goes thru this test plus much tighter quality control including optical comparitor inspections.

Of course, we hope that you choose the MPF. I know you will be happy with the product.
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I, too, would go with the MPF, for strength and utitarian purposes. Given the circumstances, and that I can live with being magnetic, I would also go for the A-2 configuration.

Overall, it is a very sharp looking knife, and I commend Elishewitz on designing such a nice piece.

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Rick: With useing a tool steel balde, are you going to have a blade coating put on to keep rust from becoming a problem?


Self improvement is a hobby of mine :).

Yes, we will be using the same vapor deposition process (AlTiN) as the steel MPKs. This appears to be one of the best coatings in the market today. We are very pleased with the way this coating looks and performs. We still recommend titanium for sea water and other extreme environments.

Although I have not yet seen the article, look for a "grand" writeup on the MPF-A2 (prototype with coating) by our good friend Dexter Ewing to appear in the next (October?) issue of Knives Illustrated- going on sale 1st or 2nd week of August. There was also an article last year on the MPF-Ti by Michael Janich which appeared in Tactical Knives. We will be reposting these articles on our website. Some are there already.

Hope this helps.