Mr Skunk ????

Oct 2, 2006
If I have it figured right the only clue left is "GOLDEN GOBLETS" ? :D When do we get a preview of this. Not like were being pushy or anything.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: Inquiring minds want to know.:p :p

:thumbup: HAPPY NEW YEAR MR. AND MRS SKUNK:thumbup:
Someone had the thought of coffe mugs...I think Busse shot glasses/ rocks glasses with all the drinkin' at the trough...OH! I GOT IT !!!!!!

Busse Bourbon :)
booze??? INFImoonschlager! LOL (flecks of INFI instead of gold in dat 'shine!)
Shot glasses and shot tumblers are just too small.

Has to be a REAL MAN's glass to keep this crew happy...or do I mean sedated...or do I mean 'barely manageable?':rolleyes:

Whatever. I just mean to takes too long to refill those little glasses. Gets in the way of the F5 key.

And I have WAAAY too much single malt to depend on shot glasses.:)
Jerry owes me a bottle of Pig Nose already, so I better be in line for shot glasses and/or tumblers, or whatever:eek: