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mt amphibian

Jul 24, 2000
does any one know where i can get one

after the take our guns away they're comin after our knives
Yeah, this one's still in the proto stage. There were some pics posted recently showing a version 2 proto. It was a little smaller than the original that was seen at the Blade Show, and has some Kraton handle inserts as well (still showed the same severe recurved blade, however). Reviews of version 2 were mixed as I remember, so it's likely we'll see a version 3 before too long. It's currently slated for production in 2001, but I'd imagine it'll be late 2001. Maybe Valmet can hop in here and give us some real insight.

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i know but i have the feb issue of guns mag and the ad says they are available now was i decieved

after the take our guns away they're comin after our knives
Hey guys,

The MicroTech forum is over on Knifeforums.com.

There's information there on most of the new MT stuff that hasn't even hit the magazines or other forums yet.

Amphibian and Tanto Socom Elite, click here
More on the Amphibian, click here
The new LUDT-2000 Proto, click here
The new Credit Card Knife, click here
The real upcoming MT fixed blade, click here
Everything else you always wanted to know about MT, but were afraid to ask, click here


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dont have to spell to work on guns eh!?? Hey John......the pic you took of that girl is on the Walt Welch birthday thread!!

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I must say that I liked the first proto of the Amphibian better.
As far as the fixed blade, the second proto with the recurved blade was more to my liking than the third. The third one looks like nothing more than a scaled down Becker Magnum Camp.
Either way, I will have to have both when they come out.

Amhpibian is small and weak. Should have been the size of the proto. Sign me up for Tanto socom elite.

You've handled the Amphibian Protos?

The reason I ask is that is the Amphibian is still a fairly large folder in most peoples book (on par with an Emerson Commander) and I can tell you that you know not of what you speak with regard to it being "weak". That thing is built super strong. Lock strength was in the forefront of the design.

I am sure the Amphibian will be constructed with quality materials and the craftsmanship will be excellent because it is built by MT. I think a lot of people are let down because they have seen pics of the proto and expected something more like the proto.

Tanto Socom Elite looks awesome. Thanks for all the pics, John Hollister.