MT Bali

Jul 14, 2000
who's getting one?
I dont frequent this particular forum too much,but i do pop in every once in a while.
I ordered mine at blade show,before i even saw the knife. Now the wait..........still waiting....
Anyhoo- if you ordered one,speak up.
This thing is gonna ROCK!
I'v got mine reserved...waiting is tough, but i'm getting help;) September so they say...That's not too long:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

What i can't wait for is one with a nemi style blade to match one of only a coule of other amazing MT products i have..(did that sentance make sence???):confused:
it's under two months at this point. YIPPEE!!!!!!!

I'll be in school.......but I'll own a Tachyon!
I'm at the front of the line. Placed the first order at Bladeshow.
Hmm, I reserved one too.
Two months is almost nothing guys for that great piece. Good things come to those who wait, right ?
I've got mine ordered! A couple of months is not a wait; I ordered a knife from a very well known maker 11 YEARS AGO and still don't have it! I've mailed many letters that have never been answered and I'm sure never will be. I ordered a knife from another famous maker 9 YEARS AGO and his response was, years later, that he decided not to make any more of that model..........That's two reasons I've never been too wild about putting large deposits down. I've got a $100 deposit on a knife I was supposed to get in March of 2000 that has yet to be finished...............from another very well knownmaker. It goes to show you never know........
Oh yes, customs can take years and years. It can be frustrating, but you just have to let the makers do their thing.
OH, dont get me wrong, i'v waited longer than two months for more than one knife...this one is just so exciting to me, the 2 months feels more like 6. In any case, i'll manage...
Ditto here--I'm still waiting for some Emerson handmades after six years (got one last year). Rule of thumb: The better it is, the longer the wait. Let's be glad the Tachyon is a production model, or we'd really have a wait on our hands.
My order for the Tachyon was placed at Blade.

If the interchangeable blades become a reality, this thing will kick serious ass. If not, will still be a nice piece.

And so we wait until September.....with a custom bali or two to fill the time in between. :D

There is a custom bali on the horizon...which I will have the proto of by this weeks end. It's like nothing that any of us have ever seen. Stay tuned to this forum for plenty of pix and a full review. Even the bali pros of this forum will simply not believe this fantastic piece. You've been warned. :p
I also cant wait to see new pics of this thing! I gotta know what the black blade will look like on those handles.

happy happy happy
I don't really have the money for it right now, and I've got a couple of other knives on my list, so I'll probably get one in a couple months... maybe some kind of "tactical" edition.
There will be 360 in the first batch. The black will actually be two tone and will look KICK ASS! Stay tuned and read my update thread.