mt bead blast finish question

Jan 7, 2001
Ok folks, I need educating. I wanted a MINI SOCOM w/black blade but got an unbelievable price on the bead blash so I took it. Now the blade looks all scratched up from cutting up some cardboard. I'm having a hard time believing these minor cutting chores will cause permanent abrasions on the blade. Can they be buffed out? Will tough cloth work? I am more concerned with performance than looks but I may sell this knife and would like the blade clean. Any suiggestions?

You might try to rub the scuffs out, if they aren't scrathes it might work.
Please be aware that cardboard do have a lot of abrasive "stuff" in it self, i worked in a warehouse a few years ago and i constantly sharpened my knife (Spydie Police) and it looked like crap, only knife i ever worn out the serrations on.

Personally i don't think that scrathes are bad on a user knife, gives it character

Be well!/Jonas aka 2Sharp

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