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MT Kestrel

Jul 2, 2000
I just got a Kestrel from a forumite in a trade for my full size SOCOM today, and I must say it was a good trade. I'm very impressed with the usefullness VS. small size of this knife. The one I got has a Chromium Nitride coating instead of the black Titanium Nitride coating. I'm sure that this coating will resist rust and corrosion just as well as the black coating. The thick modified hawkbill blade made of 154cm will lend itself very well to slashing and pull cutting which should be nice for defensive purposes as well as cutting seatbelts and clothing at accident scenes. The tolerances of this knife are very tight. Lockup is very solid. I love the micro bar leaf lock, I'm not worried about this one failing. The handle feels perfect in my medium size hands. The 2 emerald green spacers add a nice touch also. The kraton inserts should provide a nice non-slip grip. I wish that there were a lanyard hole, but I think I'll be able to live without it. I havn't had a chance to use the knife for any testing but I'm sure that it'll stand up to anything I throw at it, as all of my MT's have in the past. All and all a very nice knife. If you don't own one I'd go right and get one. Who know how long MT will make these.

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USAFSP- I've got three- 1 m/a, 2 auto's. I really like them. The hawksbill blade is way more functional than it appears. Handle shape and size work great for me. I've been carrying one of mine daily for quite a while and they are a very good using knife.