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MT Socom Elite : Blade Design


Nov 16, 2000
I thought I saw recently that someone made reference to an old blade design versus a new design for the Elite. Are both of these the clip point? Can someone post a couple pictures illustrating the difference?

I wanted to buy a MT Socom Elite, but I wanted to clarify this first.


The current picture on the 1SKS site is actually of the old blade grind (in this case with the Anopeen finish, I believe):

Valmet and others could easily and more accurately fill us in on all the details, but IIRC Walter Brend was involved in the design of that original grind, and when he left the employ of MT the decision was made to modify the grind to its current configuration. The current production blade is ground up higher toward the spine, and from the reports I've heard is actually cuts more efficiently in most utility type tasks.

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Here is a pic of the old grind:


Here is a pic of the old grind and the new grind. (The one on the bottom is the old grind):


I like the new grind better. I think it looks better and cuts more efficiently. I have heard others say they like the old grind better. Personal preference.

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Thanks for the information/pics, that was exactly what I was looking for.