MT SOCOM vs MOD Tempest

Apr 19, 2000
Am a new hobbiest in the world of blades. :0 Recently got the CRKT M16-12. Nice little thing. Am now ready for a bigger folder. SOCOM? Tempest? MT seems to be real popular. Reading about quite few (both MT & MOD) that have failed the spine-whack test scares me. Are the tanto tips a weak point of the MTs? Forgive the punt. R the MTs still better than MOD inspite of these negative experiences? Some messages have said that MODs are very similar to MTs. Yet they don't seem to be as sought after. Why's that? What's this I read in an earlier post about a new version of the SOCOM? The MT SOCOM Elite w/ a new microbar lock design? When will this be launched? Will it be worth the wait?
Could the experienced & the wise pls advise? :confused
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As far as I can remember problems with failing spine whack test were related more to MiniSOCOMS. Regular sized ones have fairly "thick" liner that feels pretty solid.

I don't know much about MOD. Instead, I'd suggest giving a look at Benchmade 710. Very nice almost 4" blade. And axis lock is a great design.

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Welcome to the forums. I recently got a MOD hornet. I also have several microtechs. The quality on both is excellent. I have a MOD Trident on the way. Keep in mind that the only MOD I have seen is the one I have and it is nice. I have heard alot of good things about MOD. I have also heard a few complaints about quality control, but the general consensus is, if you get a good one it will rock.
I dont particularly care for tantos but that is a personal preference. There is nothing wrong with them, if you like that style.
It may be worth the wait for the SOCOM elite, should be very nice and hopefully a decent price.

Dennis Bible
From what I've heard from dealers, the SOCOM Elites will be out by June sometime, but I believe that they'll start shipping earlier. Course, MTs can be hard to get your hands on sometimes . . .

I think the pricing will be similar to what the SOCOMs are going for right now. The microbar lock is basically a beefed up liner lock and definately more secure. If you're willing to wait a bit, then a SOCOM elite will probably be worth the wait.

Simon Yu

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Thanks guys for all your feedback. Means a lot for someone who's new to all this. So many exciting blades. So little money. Sigh! Even the new CRKT Crawford/Kaspers look like pretty darn good value for the buck!! Can't u tell I luv ma tacticals!

Take care. Appreciate your time.