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MT UDT (new style) review request

Jul 2, 2000
Has anyone done a review on these? I checked the archives without luck.
Never done a review but do have the knife.

Here are my impressions.

It's a great little knife. The model I have is bead blasted partially serrated black handle.

Fit and Finish:
Excellent. No blade play in either direction. The black anodized coating on the handle is very good. It shows only very slight wear from being put on and taken of of a key chain a few time. When closed, the blade is evenly centered and is hard to push toward one side or the other.

Pretty rust resistant, though a few small spots gather from pocket carry if not cleaned and oiled weekly. I feel that is my fault rather than the 154CM steel. Very sharp. Probably the sharpest knife out of the box I have ever had. Holds an edge really well through cardboard and tape. Is my main box knife in shipping department. Never felt the need to sharpen it. I really like how the plain edge is sharpened on both side rather than one, as in many partial serrated blades.

Smoooth! Also, extreamly strong for a knife this small. Will get away if you are not carefull. Very strong lock, with no play in either direction. Easy access to button, but at the same time not so easy to close on fingers.

Love the horizotal carry sheath! Also, I like the tip up carry for right handed use. If the blade does open, it is trapped against the seam of my pants rather than opening into my pocket. This has NEVER happened yet. I carry this knife a lot in shorts as it is smooth and rounded as well as light weight but strong.

My only complaint is the clip. Very small Torx screw, although I prefer Torx. Have been unable to find a drive rfor it. This is neccesary because I find the scelletonized(sp?) clip to rather weak and easy to bend out when snagged. Mine is bent out slightly and now I don't dare carry it in shorts or pockets.

Other than the clip, I find the knife to be all I wanted in a small auto. I'm buying one or two more in colors for my girlfriend and mother, who love the knife.

Do it right,or not at all.
Oh and it's too bad Sergiusz Mitin hasn't done a review. He does an excellent job.

Do it right,or not at all.
I'd have to go along with what Riley said pretty much right down the line. Mine is a plain edge and has the stonewash finish which I prefer over bead blast both aesthetically and for its ability to withstand scratching. The aluminum handles on the new UDT feature machined grooves (vice having the old style kraton inserts) which is fine by me. I'm sure it helps keep the cost down.

The only other thing I'll add is that it's a fairly small knife. There's nothing wrong with that, and the blade does have a very useful shape considering its size, but you should be aware of the dimensions. (Can you tell I'm eagerly awaiting MT's introduction of a new LUDT later next year

Check out www.wihatools.com . They sell high quality torx wrenches of every imaginable size.

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