Review Mtech Evolution Fixed Blade


Banned By Request
Jul 28, 2010

Oh dear !
I was ho humming over this knife for a good two years !
Just looking at it and it looks like a real bushcrafty knife . It looks really good !
I could not find a review on this knife !
So here we are .

Lets start with the annoying :
The handle : It's a little small for my medium+ sized paws !
+ There is a annoying hot spot where the blade rolls down forming a sort of guard .. ( Annoying )

FUBAR : Yes , the factory edge was the very meaning of FUBAR . So bad that there was no hope of slicing anything , with the factory edge !
So I had to do a Guided 22 degree edge , which petered out at some 200 slices ( 8cr13mov - I think )

WET Stone Grinder :
I aimed at 20 degrees , so the freshly ground edge is probably somewhere between 18 and 22 degrees .
And yes the wet stone grinder showed me just how fubar the factory edge was . It was rubbish !
So we have freshly ground 80 grit edge for the next go at the rope .
I really hope the 200 fail was a result of the Factory FUBAR edge and that the freshly ground edge does something decent .
Simply cos this is a really nice looking knife and it would be nice if it could perform as nice as it looks ( would be nice ) .

I will be doing some mods in the future , like rolling the blade / finger guard forward & sharpening the spine ( havent tried ferro yet ) .
So looks great , feels tight and annoying with the hotspot . I dont have dainty little Chinese hands , so it would be nice if the Chinese sent out some knives to see how people with larger hands feel about them ! ( research & development ) .
Supposedly US designed ?????? ( Supposedly )

80 Grit 20 degree edge cuts rope for a 350 Fail .
I aimed for a 20 degree edge , and I got a 20 degree edge .. ( Hmm )

I needed a little compound to restore the edges cutting capability to pre rope slice !
Still , stropped back in under 2 minutes .
So a 350 Fail is not bad at all with what appeared to be a edge roll .
60/55HRC ( 60HRC file bites / 55HRC file skates )

That result is not to bad at all for a budget 8cr13mov knife .