Muddy mojo handle arrives. The ultimatest handle EVER!

Walking Man

May 28, 2003
Wow. I have to say I'm really impressed with these handles, and knives overall! It's like they're a cross between the terror monkey e-handles and the the ratweiler handles.
Nice point skull crusher too. Couldn't ask for more!
not the same wm. gotta see YOURS!!!

do the scales look like snakeskin?
honestly, not really...... but kind of...... :confused:
it doesn't bother me.
Mostly black with a little about 1" worth of red poking through the middle.
I can see a tiny bit of yellow layered in the handle, but none of it show up on top.
Oh man... I love the e-handles!!!

And I must confess I love the old line Swamp Rat handles too... Dang - this sounds like a good one!
Walking Man

What are these handles made of anyway? Is it canvas micarta, or is it linen micarta or, something else:confused: ?