Muela knives....comments please

I have a couple of the 'Muflon'? Series Bowie knives. I bought them before I got into 'knives'

The steel is 440a at a guess or 425 as a possibility. The edge holding is fine for a low price blade. Mine were less than $50 each. Mine have nice Kraton handles and decent leather sheaths. IMHO forget that knife! Get a D2 Ka Bar fighting knife. For the same kind of money and it is 1000 times better!


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I think for the price they are fine. I have never personally owned one but I've handled them at shows and they are fairly decent quality. I think their stag handled models are very nice. Like I tell everybody, if YOU like a knife GET IT. What I like and what someone else likes might be a difference of 180 degrees. Two of the most popular knives on these forums, the Spyderco Native and the MT LCC, I personally can't stand and wouldn't own either. That doesn't make them bad because I don't like them.
I have handled some Muela knives in Spain and they are great considering the price down there. I bought a 6" bowie/hunter with a full, tapered tang, stabilized wood handle and brass guard. I am not sure about the steel type, but it is a vandium/moly type and the quality is good. Grinds are very accurate and the overall quality is impressive, considering that I paid around $35 for it two years ago in Barcelona!

Generally Muela have a good rep, but i can't vouch for that particular knife you want. It does seem rather expensive though. At that price I could think of a lot of other blades to buy, but like Gene says - if you really like a knife, go buy it.

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Muela makes several good hunting knives as well as traditional Spanish navajas. I've owned a few of their hunting models and have been pleased with them. If you want to check out other manufacturers of Spanish cutlery, check out Aitor and Nieto.