Muela Knives

Jan 22, 1999
Falcenberg mentioned Muela in the Aitor thread saying, "Another interesting Spanish brand is Muela. A very big catalogue and perhaps a little better stuff than Aitor." I'm glad to hear that they seem to still be doing business.

I have one Muela and have seen others, all very good quality. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find a dealer, online or otherwise, who carries Muela.

Does anyone know of a source for these? I'm not looking for anything in particular, but would like to see their current offerings. TIA.



Moteng used to carry Muela. Haven't bought from them in years. You may look them up and see what they have.
I've two Muelas, and like them very much but I haven't seen them on the net anywhere yet...
I ran across them offered here:

They had several styles from Muela...

When I was in Europe a couple of years ago, I picked up a Muela knife set. It is a large bowie, with brass guard and pommel and wood handles. The steel looks and feels to be 440C from what I can tell. The smaller knife the came with it is an exact copy just 5" in total length. The bowie has a 12" blade and 5"handle. This set came with a great leather sheath. I paid the equivelant of $300.00 US Dollars.

Before I picked that one up I had never heard the name Muela before or again until this forum.

Anyone know if this NIB piece might be a collectors piece and if so how much it might be worth ?

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Today I have made a little netsurfing to see if I can find Muela.
I found very few knives of poor quality. Muela does (did?) a lot of better blades.
I'll post some news when I'll be back home and at my catalogue.

I'm at 'work' (Heh Heh Heh) so I can't go look but your set of Muela sounds like the one I got, but I got mine separately. The large one came from a gun show and was beat up because the guy had got it stuck in the pelvis of a moose and hammered it thru with the back of an ax. I had never heard of Muelas and walked past but my wife of the finest instincts looked it over and talked him down from $125 (Cdn) to $75 and $5 at the local knife grinders cleaned up the back perfectly!

And she's a great training partner too!

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