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multi-tool carry?

Mar 25, 2001

New to the world of khukri.Just got a WWII, 16.5, and I like it. This may be totally off-the-wall or been asked before but I'd like your thoughts and expertise on the feasibility of carrying a Leatherman Supertool or cheap knockoff on my Khukri. I could attach/strap on outside the scabbard or what I'd like to do is remove the two smaller blades and cut out the two leather eyelets holding them and slide a multi-tool in that space. Wondering about effects on sturdiness of scabbard and if would be wise or not? I've eyeblled that space with my multi-tool and I really don't think it will fit on my 16.5 WWII which I receieved a few days ago. Have not put it to use yet and am wondering if there is a particular model spacious enough in that area of scabbard that might accomodate a multi-tool? If so I might send back to "Uncle Bill" and trade-up. Also really interested in the full-tang Chiruwa versions. Any input greatly appreciated!
Welcome to the cantina!

Terry Sisco has become the semi-official Sarki around here. He might be able to make something of that sort, if you don't find another solution. Here's his website:


There was a UBDOTD a while back with a Malla and a quick-draw sheath made by Terry. It was gorgeous.
Thanks for posting the link to my website, I'm in the process of putting up a few new pics.
The multitool shouldn't be a problem.
As long as it isn't to big.
Give me a call anytime after 6:00pm if you want to talk about it.
Thanks ,
Terry 1-918-283-0022 <IMG SRC="biggrin.gif" border="0">
Yep, welcome to the Cantina. Looks like you are off to a running start. If you need more help email me.
I actually have a quick draw Malla from Terry. It is truely magnificent work. I have also been thinking about sending him my YCS to do the same. I have seen my share of custom knives and sheaths, Terry's are right up there with the best.