multi-tool choice help.

Jul 2, 1999

I have to get my uncle a gift and a multi-tool would be perfect. Can anyone recommend the best(features, locking tools, strength etc) tool in the size catagory of, larger than the micra but smaller than the swisstool. Locking tools would be a BIG plus. Any opinions would be appreciated, thanks.


Louis Buccellato

I have a Buck tool and I like it. I am sure others with more exp will have bettes suggestions. BF members know what they are talking about. I love this forum

Drac Noroc

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Leatherman Wave or Victorinox SwissTool

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I like the SwissTool. Sure it's too heavy. Oh well. Just tell your uncle to spread his legs when he takes a leak and his pants won't fall down. This will also prevent him dribbling on his shoes.

If you can't take my advice for whatever crazy reason, get the Leatherman Wave.

David Rock

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I carried both the Buck Tool for a year and the Leatherman WAVE for 6 months.

If your uncle is already in the habit of carrying a knife of some kind, I'd go for the Buck Tool since all the tools lock into place.

On the other hand, if he doesn't already carry a knife, I'd go for the WAVE, since it has 2 blades that can be opened one handed, without having to open the rest of the tool. The tools (screwdriver, canopener, etc.) do NOT lock into place, and this can be frustrating.

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?
go to There is an extensive review of the wave. If you click on "handy tools" at the bottom it will take you to extensive reviews of most other multitools. There is alot of information here that might help you.