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First I bought a SuperTool which I kept in my bag at work. It is a pain to unlock because you have to pull out another tool (hopefully not sharp) to close it. The tools are also only accessible by opening the tool.

I now carry the SwissTool every day. No problems with carrying it at work. I really like the ease of closing and that the tools are accessible from the outside. I have actually used quite a few of the tools.

I must say that I prefer the dedicated standard screwdrivers on the SuperTool to the combined ones on the SwissTool. It can be a pain when you need to get into a tight space.


Here's something to think about:

Scissors or awl?

The Wave, like the PST II has scissors, but no awl. The SwissTool and the LM Supertool have an awl but no scissors. Some people can't seem to live without the scissors. For me, I'll take the awl. You can make do with a knife blade to cut most things that need to be cut, but when you need to poke a small hole in something, there's not much else that will work other than an awl.

Who else besides me and Doug Ritter of Equipped.com thinks the Leatherman tools ought to trade one of the standard screwdrivers an awl?

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David Rock

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Sal, I'll forgive the sales pitch ONLY if you post a picture! (I recall seeing one but I cannot find it.)

David, I agree. An awl is an important surival tool. I can understand their choice b/c the screwdrives are probably used more by most people, but there should be some solution. Possibly a sleeve that fits over the awl to provide one of the two medium screwdrivers?? In an emergency the small screwdriver would probably work as an awl, but then what do you do if you round off the tip, just before your glasses start coming apart?

I would suggest that Leatherman have a contest here for suggestions on design improvements and then send out the new Wave to the winners (multiple entries could be handled by a drawing, etc.)

I love my Wave (don't have a SpydeRench...)but note two inexcusable failures in the design. One is the ommission of measurements. If they can stamp the name Leatherman on it they could do the other. The measurements would also provide a visual indexing system for what blades are where. I scratched in my own inches and centimeters, but....!
The lanyard hold is too small. There is enough room to make it bigger. (Does anyone really put a split ring in that little hole?)
Personally, I'd like to see an optional clip on some of the nicer Leather Man tools. The one that does have a clip just doesn't have the tools I want.

On the other hand, in my work enviroment, carrying a mult-tool on my belt wouldn't be appropriate, so I need a "tactical" mult-tool!


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David -- I am all for an awl, but I still would hate to give up a screwdriver.

On the Leathermans, perhaps the lanyard loop could go, since I don't think it was very well designed anyway.

If they could combine the small screwdriver with the cap-lifter like on the Micra (and sharpen the edge so it can open cans), then you'd have room for an awl.

Clay Fleischer
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My original Leatherman has an awl. If it wasn't one, it seemed a bit dull, it's an awl now.
LT Super Tool is my choice, I carry it almost every day. All ST deficiencies in tool assortment can be finessed with a Micra, which adds to the tool mix, in addition to scissors, a small blade, nail file, tweezers, CB radio and parachute (or were the latter two on my Swiss Champ?) all in a tiny package that rides securely in my jeans watch pocket.

On those rare occassions the dress code doesn't permit belt sheaths, the Micra solos (altho I often carry a SAK Tinker as well under those circumstances.)

I have been outrageously happy with the combo, and recommend for those who can't decide between awl and scissors to follow my inspirational (IMHO) example. Also, IMHO, the Micra makes a dandy supplement for whatever knife you carry.
Yes, the Leatherman Supertool and the original PST have an awl. But neither of thise has scissors. The Wave and the PST II have scissors but no awl. My point is that it ought to be possible to have both an awl and scissors or, if that's not possible, I'll take the awl and make do without the scissors

Sorry for the confusion.

David Rock

AKTI Member # A000846
"Never carry a knife shorter than your schnoz."
The leatherman "Sideclip" is my current working tool. Just the right size, and good tool choice. my use is 75 - 80% pliers, 15% Screw driver (mostly philips) and about 10% bottle opener. (depending on what kind of beer we brought home).

I would be most willing to give up the knife blade, I don't need it and in the past 6 months I think I used it once just to see if it worked. I would like to have a file.

If Leatherman is listening I think they should make a tool that is fairly easy to take apart with a common set of tools that could be taken out and replaced with more specialized tools that are sold separately. You could have a file or scissors, a hacksaw blade, a chisel blade, different knife blades, a screw driver that perfectly fits the rear sight of a S&W revolver, anything you wanted. If you broke a screw driver or heaven forbid, the bottle opener, you just buy a new one and drop it in.


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I have been wanting a bladeless multi-tool for a while. I was thinking of modifying a PSTII by putting an awl in place where the blade is.

A bladeless tool would be good for taking on airplanes, etc.

When hiking and stuff like that, I like knowing the extra blades are there as backup, but there are times when I would gladly forsake them for something else.

Clay Fleischer
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Specialization is for insects.

Don't take away my scissors! Yeah, a knife also cuts stuff, but many cutting tasks are better or more safely performed by scissors. I carried an SAK and a PST for a long time just for the scissors and toothpick. PST II solved the scissors problem, Wave is even better.

If you'd like to "trade" a screwdriver for an awl, you merely need a bench grinder.