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Multi-uses for SAK driver, can opener?

Aug 11, 1999
The least-used tools on my Vnox Farmer SAK "in the field" are its can opener and flat driver. I pry pebbles from my boots occasionally with the driver; have bent fish hooks with the wire stripper once or twice; and once lifted a hot bail with the can opener. But that's about it. Besides their intended uses, do you do anything nifty or creative with your SAK drivers/openers? Just curious, in the spirit of finding multiple uses for tools -- Glen
I use the can openers sharp edge to open DVD boxes at home, in the field the sharp edge works great for making a V in soft dry wood ie pine for fire starting.
i use the sharp edge of the can opener on my firesteel, throws nice sparks and preserves the main blade.

I too, use the can opener as a hook for hot bails. I 've used it to form a small bowl indent after starting a hole with the awl.
i dont know how to use the can opener as such so i use it for all the stuff you mentioned and scraping jeans for lint and ans fluffing stuff up
I've used the can opener to open cans :) . The flat driver is the least-used implement on all my SAKs.
The small straight (or flat) screwdriver on the tip of a SAK's can opener can be used as an acceptable driver for screws with the standard #2 phillips head. This size of phillips is the most common size, at least on the aircraft I used to maintain. My SAK saved many a step by me not having to go after a "real" screwdriver to tighten or snug up a screw that had vibrated slightly loose on some minor inspection panel somewhere on the skin of the plane.
To score an orange peel in 4's to facilitate peeling. I think this came directly from Victorinox.

Hey Doc, good point, using the hook part of the can opener as a depth gauge you could score many types of material.

I find that the Vic SAKs can opener is ground extremely sharp, while other can openers (cheaper) use a right angle , but not a well sharpened edge to pierce the can.

It could also serve as a small scraper.
Hey, some pretty nifty tips here! It's true the opener can strike a ferro rod, but I too find that the base of the awl is "da bomb" for this -- throws big bright shower of sparks.
I like Eyegor's tip to use it for shallow-bowl carving. Should be useful for making a spoon, whistle and the like. Will give it a try.
I recall seeing some ref to using the opener to score oranges and other fruit, too; will try that out, as well.
As for Dr. Mudd's suggestion for the small driver: I just tried it on a couple of common philips heads and, lo and behold, it works like a charm!
Thanks for the tips. Keep 'em coming if there are any more!
Happy holidays and news years, all --
I'm always prying something with the flat driver on my Soldier... doors, knotted ropes, things that got glued accidentally, etc, etc...

That's a lot of the reason I carry a SAK- cause you CAN pry with it (just not with the blade ;)) Also the reason for alox scales- I fell better about prying with an alox SAK than an regular one.

The main use for my big screw drive blade is opening the grill to check the filter on HVAC systems. Saves the finger nails or looking for a screwdriver.
Hey Guys....

at least on the aircraft I used to maintain. My SAK saved many a step by me not having to go after a "real" screwdriver to tighten or snug up a screw that had vibrated slightly loose on some minor inspection panel somewhere on the skin of the plane.


We've got an aircraft mechanic that uses the wrong tool to tighten panels on the outer "skin" of aircraft...


:) :)


I know some people seem to dislike it but i think its a great can opener. And the tip is a good philips screwdriver substitute. I like wengers also but the victorinox canopener is definitely better. The canopener is second only to the blade in usefulness.
The canopener is MUCH more useful that the pointless bottle opener! All the bottle i open are either plastic or metal twist offs. I can't remember the last time i encountered a non-twist-off bottle.
I've always liked those little Victorinox classics, but because it has no canopener i haven't bought one. If they had a canopener it would be my keychain knife of choice. Actually i kinda wish my leatherman micra had a canopener too.
Yesterday my farrier did shoes and trims on our horses. My horse had the beginning of two abseces probably from bruises when he was barefoot a few months ago. I put the horse in a small corral awy from the barn so I can make sure his feet stay dry for a few days and make it easy to spray his feet with chrlorhexidine. When I walked over to take care of his feet I forgot to grab a hoof pick so out came the SAK and the large flat blade driver. GTG.
the can opener could be useful to pull up stubborn tent pegs.. (?)
works great at opening cans.