Multiple alloy secret run revealed, books open on low wait time orders.

DocJekl DocJekl It is one of the toughest steels for a knife, with S7 being the only one tougher that I am aware of. That is assuming the steel came from AKS, and not Pop's. If it is from Pop's it is tough enough, but not remarkably so. I don't know why, but these were Larrin's findings. Jarod informed me the 8670 above is from AKS. At 60 RC it is going to be very tough. However, for me, and within the scope of my knife making, I favor tough steels, not because they can cut nails and such when ground like a Busse, but because they can perform regular knife tasks even better by being ground thin enough that they can compete in cutting ability with more expensive steels that have to be ground thicker to accommodate their coarser grain structure, and lower toughness.
A fine point. I was thinking AEB-L for the better corrosion resistance. “Wet” Virginia tends to be hard on things. What would you recommend?

YMMV. If you want something low maintenance, then yes, stainless is the better choice. But carbon steel has been used to good effect in all climates for a long time, and 6 years old is a perfect age to begin ingraining good maintenance practices. That kind of discipline will evolve and carry over to more and more tasks as he grows.
A friend texted me just a couple days ago to claim that one.
Is anything still available in this run?
Looking specifically at the Tantos in 8670 or anything in the AEB-L .160
Good afternoon downriverfirepower downriverfirepower . In AEB-L there is a Skinny Fat Bowie XL available, the steak knives, and the leather knife. All 8670 blades are still available except Tantos #1 and #9.
I forgot Tanto #4 is gone also.
D Dustlover the exact model in 8670 you inquired about was a one off, and I haven’t made any since. Post 32 and 33 above are what I have available now in 8670. Thanks for your inquiry.
David Mary David Mary , I don't know which you will see first but I sent you a PM on the Skinny Fat Bowie XL regarding our emails about it from June.
I’ll take that Skinny Fat Bowie XL, it’s calling my name!

I am very sorry my friend. TLA is right, he had PMed me a month and a half ago to claim it, but I forgot to copy it into my order book, which is why I mistakenly listed it above as still available. Please forgive my error, this one is for TLA after all.
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