Multitool Forum?/ Leatherman Wave Question

Jedi Knife

May 6, 1999
Greetings Everyone!
Is there a specific area to discuss multi(use)tools?
I am interested in the lock strength of the locking blades on the Leatherman Wave. Will they pass a reasonably administered whack on the spine (ouch that sounds painful) test? I've examined two different ones, and they look sound enough, but I was hesitant to perform that test on the edge of the glass showcase of the store that was selling them. Call me timid, I guess.
Thanks for any help.

Never even occurred to me to try on the Wave until you mentioned it. I just gave my file and saw some really good whacks (you'd be surprised how hard you can do that test when you're not looking at a blade coming at you) and they didn't budge. On my example, all four liners come up and stop at the pivots above each locking face, not mid-way up the face. This can give a tiny amount of play but apparently is plenty secure against failure.

My neighbors probably think there's someone at their door now with the knocking


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Thanks 'roy,

I've got my sights set on getting one now. Very cool sig., by the way.