Multitool with fixed blade and light combo

Jan 10, 2000
I had posted this back in 2016, and never found a real solution, thought I would see if 2019 had brought anything new to mind.

I'm looking for a good quality multitool, fixed blade, and light combo. I'd prefer these all to be separate items. I got one from the NRA, but the multitool was crap.

I've tried to find one, but no luck. Does such a thing exist, or am I going to have to
build a custom sheath?


So what are you looking for exactly? Sheath? Or something that comes with all of these?
What will the knife be used for? I have a lot of ideas and experience with different things there but that one certainly needs narrowed down. Probably the most universal use knife I know is a BK16, or something similar.

Leatherman charge or wave. I think either is available in an upgraded steel but if you have a fixed blade, not really a big deal to get the 154cm upgrade there.

I can't help with flashlights. I've been very happy with my thrunite which is pretty budget but it's worked well for me for 3 years and it fits easily into the pocket.
Multi-tools: Full size > Victorinox, Leatherman, or SOG
Medium sized multi-tools: Leatherman
Small sized multi-tools: Leatherman such as Ps4 Squirt or Micra
Fixed Blade Knife: Thousands of choices... what size?
Flashlights: I tend to go for the less expensive ones since I loose them or the batteries leak and ruin the flashlight.

I carry a Ps4 Squirt and Vic SAK just about all the time and often a modern knife. A larger multi-tool stays in my field bag should I need it. Fixed blades.... I seldom carry one as a regular carry item, but I like the 3.25" White River Backpacker Pro for a small all a rounder.
Some of my favorites in the categories-

Multitool- Swisstool or Swisstool Spirit depending on desired size. Even after trying several others, these are still the reigning champion on my belt. Honorable mention goes to the Leatherman Wave/Charge for offering a few (but not enough for me to switch, personally) features that I preferred over the Swisstool.

Fixed blade- We really need more info on budget, intended use and desired size to give meaningful suggestions. Could be anything from a 2.5" blade edc to a 12" chopper...

Flashlight- I edc and have been thoroughly impressed with the Streamlight Microstream. I've carried it for years and it's been a darned good light. Not the biggest and brightest, but very utilitarian and compact.

As far as a sheath to carry it all, the best non-custom option I can think of off the top of my head is probably the appropriate size spec ops or similar molle compatible sheath with a molle pouch attached appropriately sized to carry your multitool and light.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.
I can put one together and Kydex up a sheath, but I was wondering if anyone currently offered this setup.
I can put one together and Kydex up a sheath, but I was wondering if anyone currently offered this setup.

Not that I'm aware of. Personally I think you'd be better off picking the right individual fixed blade, multitool and light to suit your needs and then figuring out how to carry them together.
I would build your own kit depending on your needs.

For me, I dont get too hung up on lights. Basic is fine. Depending on my needs, I usually get along just fine with a mini maglite. I'll pair it with a Rebar or ST300. My fixed blade of choice is an OG Fiddleback Forge knife called a Woodsman. Andy made it for me back before he was full time. Probably my favorite knife.

So I am using a bright, long lasting light that will suit most of my needs. The Rebar offers me a pretty complete tool kit. The Woodsman is a 5+" bushcraft blade that can handle heavy chores.
It's just gonna have to be pieced out in terms of a carry method individually. Anything that you might find that has all of these things in it will not be quality items.

Now in terms of space for carrying if you did go with a Becker Bk 16 it has an extra pouch in the sheet for a multi tool to be held very easily it's a great design. An plight s1r can fit anywhere, so between the 3 you'd have all quality items.

Now mind you that Becker gonna be a little bit larger so in terms of everyday carry not sure how practical it would be but if your intended use is not having to worry about it would be good to go.
Might be a bit late on this but I currently have been running the fixed blade, light, multi tool setup for a month or so.

Currently the fixed blade is a Bradford Guardian 3 - M390 with 3d scales in an armatus carry kydex sheath
Light is the streamlight microstream
Mutlitool is the leatherman squirt ps4

Relatively minimalist carry but so far has accomodated my needs 100%
My usually EDC/rotation:

Flashlight: Eagletac Clicky in left rear pocket next to notepad (currently D3A Ti with a rechargeable 14500) - I have two other Ti Clicky's (AA, and CR123) that I used before the newest Ti version came out. **If you like larger more rugged lights, I am very impressed with the SF Tactician for lighting up a room or even widebeam outdoors.

Multitool: LM Juice S2 - currently housed in a small Lowepro camera pouch with other EDC items; although the pliers are a little small if you regularly loosen/tighten larger bolts, I've used them for removing hundreds of long carpet staples from wood, and used the screwdriver bits for driving in dozens of 1" wood screws in windows when my toolbag wasn't with me. **For larger pliers, I like the Victorinox Swisstool Spirit X.

Knife: I rotate them and sometimes carry a pouch if not in my right rear pocket. Right now, my most carried knives are (in order) the CM154 Buck 110 LT (SKBlades), ZT 0909, numerous Buck 112's (stock and C&C), and BM Boost (w/custom Micarta scales - they don't stick to your pocket), and sometimes a BM 575 or 20CV/Micarta Buck Vantage (SKBlades). In summer, I'll often carry the Spyderco Yojimbo 2 (M4), and on the MC the BM Stryker 2 (rear pocket). **Side note, my favorite EDC knife is still the BM 520, but since it's DC'ed I don't carry them much... maybe if I get a fourth. :D ***Side note 2, if I'm expecting to cut things like R20, I'll add a box cutter.