Mulyi-Tool question

May 12, 2000
Some time ago I saw an ad for a MULTI-tool that was put together with a screw, not a revit. You were supposed to be able to take it apart and customize it by adding just the tools you wanted. I've lost the ad and would like very much to get it back. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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I have a mulyi-tool question also; what is a Mulyi-tool?


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Be nice Louis. We al hav beeg problemz speeling sumtymes.

As far as the multi-tool in question, I have no idea

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Thanks, I'll go check out Coleman.

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Contact SOG to find out more, but on their website they say "SOG's hex bolt construction allows the greatest versatility to change components and adjust your tool. All tools are stainless steel, available with a black oxide finish, and made in the USA."
esav is right, i used to have an sog tool. i replaced one or two items with others offered by belt cutter, saw, etc...
i believe it was the para-tool.

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