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Munk Bowie Review with Pictures

Discussion in 'Himalayan Imports' started by Skyler R., Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Skyler R.

    Skyler R.

    Dec 27, 2005
    I originally picked up the Munk Bowie from DOTD 10/27, but due to some problems with the original I exchanged it for another. This one came in the mail very fast after I told Yangdu of the problems with the last one. This is a review of the second one.

    Blade - For anyone not familiar with the Munk Bowie, the blade is big, not so much as long but it's very think and wide (around 2" wide). The blade came very sharp, nearly shaving sharp. The edge has quite a bit of convex to it as well. The fullers on the knife are very well done, they are nice and even with little rippling, the fullers on each side also line up with each other. The knife is very point heavy, but since it's a chopper this shouldn't come to a shock to anyone. The spine is around 1/2" thick and does not have any taper to it, it retains it's thickness to the tip. The blade has a nice smooth even finish without grind marks and was near mirror finish to start with.

    Handle - The handle on this Munk Bowie is unlike I have seen on any others. It has a horn handle with some white streaks in it (ooo...pretty :D ). The handle has brass rivets rather then the normal steel ones that I have seen Himalayan Imports use, I have never seen brass ones before on any of their things. The handle also has finger groves cut out, they make the handle extra grippy and add comfort to it.

    Scabbard - The scabbard is very well done, it does not quite have a friction fit to it, but all the work on it is exquisite. The leather is nice and thick and smooth all around. The stitching on the back is clean and tight. The chape is well formed with an almost invisible seam line. The button strap on the scabbard is really what keeps the knife in, it's also well done and fits great. The frog fits great, it's made from thick leather like the rest of the scabbard and is well formed.

    Chopping - The Munk Cleaver is a beast bar none. It chops out of proportion to it's size, but I guess a 34oz knife will do that :) . The knife cuts different then a kukri does, from my experience a kukri buries it's tip more while this kind of slices though the cut. Once I tested the edge out on some smaller branches and working my way up from there, I tried it out against some good sized logs. The cleaver made quick work of the logs, it was chopping almost as well as my 18" Ang Khola. The knife was also able to baton very easy, it went though the logs like butter. The cleaver seemed to be better at batoning then most of my other kurkis, however it's not quite as good as my Foxy Folly or Baby Ganga Ram Special.

    The Munk Cleaver is a great knife, it's quickly becoming a favorite of mine. It chops better then one might think. It's more compact to carry then an 18" kukri, yet it chops nearly as well. The cleaver feels as though it could take a nuclear attack and come out in just as good of shape, it seems to laugh at everything it encounters. I am sure this knife could last anyone a few generations.

    Thanks Yangdu for your outstanding service and for bringing this wonderful knife to my doorstep.

    Here are the stats to the knife

    Blade - 9 3/4"
    Handle - 5 3/4"
    Point of Balance - 2"
    Blade Thickness - 1/2"
    Weight - 34 5/8 oz
    Kami - Bura



  2. Jaiofspam


    Apr 24, 2006
    *drool* shoulda got a munk instead of a regular ak bowie... owell im still happy :D
    but i sure wish i had finger grooves :grumpy:
    keep up the good work skyler :thumbup:
  3. Skyler R.

    Skyler R.

    Dec 27, 2005
    Thanks Jai.

    I am sure I will likely pick up the AK bowie in time as well. Yangdu really surprised me with this, I mean I have never seen finger groves or brass rivets in any of the bowies before (or really any of HI knives, kukris included).
  4. Andrew Colglazier

    Andrew Colglazier

    Sep 14, 2006
    34 5/8 ozs...... that is a chunk of metal. My stick knife weighs about the same... about the same length, so what you have there, basically, is a straight stick knife!


  5. lefthandblack


    Jan 22, 2004
    Man o man, that is a beauty. Awesome with the finger grooves and unique with the brass rivets. That is a keeper for sure. :thumbup: :thumbup:
  6. xinel


    Sep 5, 2006
    mmmm a munk bowie or a seax is definately on my next to buy list
  7. Spectre


    Nov 3, 1998
    Thanks for the review and pics, Skyler.

    I think the finger grips look neat, but don't want them on MY MBB! :)

  8. Yangdu

    Yangdu [email protected] Himalayan Imports-Owner Moderator

    Apr 5, 2005
    Great review and pictures, thank you Skyler
  9. Steely_Gunz

    Steely_Gunz Got the Khukuri fevah Moderator

    May 9, 2002
    You really NEED both. They are 2 different beasts:) After you swing a Munk Bowie around for a little bit, the 3/8" 1.5lb AKB feels like a fighter. I kid you not:eek:

  10. Jaiofspam


    Apr 24, 2006
    yeah im looking for a munk bowie in the future...
    BUT I DOUBT i will be lucky enough to get one with finger grooves :grumpy:
  11. Skyler R.

    Skyler R.

    Dec 27, 2005
    I bet if you special ordered it from Yangdu she would get you one. What you could also do is get a normal one and file in some finger groves. ;)
  12. Svashtar


    Dec 28, 2003
    Wow, newer style rivets and finger grooves! You have a unique one there Skyler. That is a nice touch on an already neat knife. Thanks for the detailed report.

  13. munk


    Mar 22, 2002
    I'm glad to see it does well chopping. Like the looks of the cut wood. Those are also some of the best photo's I've seen- reflecting the actual look of the blade. For some reason, most past photos were never quite right. I figured it was the TV event- normal looking people on TV look fat; you have to be thin to photo well.

  14. Skyler R.

    Skyler R.

    Dec 27, 2005
    I think I know what you mean Munk. I didn't notice it until now, but it does seem to show it's true form better here then in the few other photos I have seen of it, mine included.

    Don't let the photos fool any of you though, it's a serious chunk of metal. When I first got it I couldn't help but smile. It seemed as though it was just so much over kill that it was ridiculous, but this isn't the case. Once you get it in motion though, get out of the way. ;)
  15. munk


    Mar 22, 2002
    It is more beautiful in the hand then on screen.

    The AK bowie was noted to be good looking and rugged, but it was too heavy for a fighting knife, and not as good as a kukri for chopping, who wanted one? That's what some people thought. Well, I did, and a whole bunch of other folks did too. I don't think we've ever seen the original design, which Cobalt made. It didn't have the clip point. I asked Yangdu to restore the original point, and take away the curve and make the edge straight, so we could use it as a butcher knife. And it works; it's actually a blade that can chop it's own wood for the fire, and then help prepare the food that will be cooked there. I know the curve is a desirable feature to many. It certainly makes the blade look 'neat'. But I like usefullness. The clip point was a good looking feature too, and was really just changed to try something different.
    I think it's good for HI to offer several styles of this and other bowie knives.

  16. Skyler R.

    Skyler R.

    Dec 27, 2005
    Yup, certainly more beautiful in person then any photo could make it.

    Having a varity in anything is good. :thumbup:

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